Jewelry Making

So, these jewelry are that i made before.The first one is a bracelet and a peal necklace, but the peal necklace wasn't solid and i wanted to repair. Then i found it will be good together with retro shell bracelet. Shells are glasses with color, red, marine, brown and emerald green. They looks like candies...:)

I'll explain for two charms that you can see in front. Materials are woods. The form of fish, i sculptured and colored in gold, the form of surf i colored in cream white with acrylic paint. Then i finished coating with varnish. I used to wear with a long black string.
Beads bracelet with flowers, my sister made it for me. The next one, i made also with beads, then i added a silver metal charm. The next one was easy to make, i just bought a red string and put a clasp. The silver charm is from Bretagne (France), which i bought when i was little.

From the left, it's an gold pearl necklace that my mom made it, and i put a crystal heart charm. The next one, i just bought a “LOVE” charm and put with a gold chain. The next is a gold beads necklace with a charm old coin of France (20 cent). I bought it on bazer in Hiroshima. Thing you see on up is a ring which i made with a button and a wire. The button is a plastic but looks classic.

This one was quite, failure. Ribbon was little bit short. But it was simple to make it, i sew some pearls on black ribbon. It looks cute with a sweater or a dress.

 The black balls, i actually bought a long version, but i changed it to short. Also little black balls, i took from the another necklace. The last one is an old coin of Edo periode (1600-1800) in 1636. I received from my grandfather. But you know, he's not from Edo periode :D 
For the necklace, i used a red string and turquoise stone. This one looks better in summer. Please describe or any question if you like it !


いちじくとピーナッツバタータルト + りんごのタルト

Fig Tart with peanut butter

Last day, i made a fig tart with peanut butter. I used a “pie crust”(you see in the picture) that we can make easily a pie with cold water.

Ingredients (Filling): 23cm diameter pan
・ Rhum (a little bit)
・ 1 egg
・ 40g Butter
・ 40g Sugar
・ 3 tablespoons of peanut butter (non-sugar)
・ 3-4 Fig

I added 40cc of cold water, and knead the paste. Roll of dough into circle. Then, place into a pie pan and make holes with a fork.

Bake for 8 mins.

For the filling, put g butter in a bowl, add one egg and mix it together.

Place all over the filling and put figs that you cutted. Finally you can sprinkle some granulated sugar. Bake ...minutes more or until crust is golden and filling is bubbly. 

Finished !

Actually i was wondering, if the peanut butter is good with fig, but it was yummy:) I hadn't a almond powder so i stand in for peanut butter. Let's try to make a fig tart !

Apple Tart

I also make a apple tarte with the rest of the pie. 
Cut apples fine, and for the filling, you mix one egg, some 100ml cream, sugar, cinnamon and rhum. Put apples in the pie and spill the filling. Finally you add some butter, granulated sugar and cinnamon on the tarte. Bake it for 20-30 min !

Tarte aux Pommes


Music Live at Fnac

Yvan Franel

 Have you ever heard about a band, “Stevans”? If you don't, i have to talk about them.
I went to see a mini music live of Stevans with my friends. It's a story about a year ago in Geneva (09 October 2010). The music live was in a book store “Fnac” at Rive. Stevans are  pop-rock band from Switzerland. The vocal, guitar and keyboard are Yvan Franel, the bass guitar is Bruno Tancredi, and the drum is John Chirico. Their activities started from 2003 at Geneva, then they realeased the first album in 2006. The second album was realeased in 2010, january 22.
 In this concert, there was only the vocalist, Yvan. Very short video that i took, he's singing a song of “Monday's Wedding”. At the end, he sang a song of Oasis, ( Wonderwall )that he has respect for them. I could'nt take another video, cuz memory of my camera wasn't enough. Let's chek it out the music video of “Monday's Wedding”.

“Monday's Wedding”

Second Album “Fake” 2010

“Vodka Red Girls”

 After the concert, we could buy CD, so my friend bought. She and i wanted to have his autographe, and he signed on the CD jacket that my friend bought it. At first when he saw us, he said “Konichiwa...!”(Means to say hello in japanese). We were happy that he recognized as we are japaneses. I didn't buy CD, but i also asked for autographe on my camera, cuz i hadn't other things. He was suprised when i asked for my camera:) I regreted it because, now it disappeared...! But it's okay, i have a good memory :)

 “Morning Daze of Mad Alien

(Yvan Franel, John Chirico, Bruno Tancredi)

* I know that my english is not enough so you can tell me...!

Stevans Offcial Site:


“Awakenings”, 「レナードの朝」

There is no such thing as a simple miracle.
Based on a true story

Trailer 予告編 :






Gyao: http://gyao.yahoo.co.jp/ct/movie/